Montréal, Canada • October 22-25
HEC Montréal

Expand your knowledge and skills in small-group, hands-on tutorials taught by experts in the EPIC community. Tutorials are open to EPIC2017 attendees only.

Agile for Researchers

Instructors: Carrie Yury & Chris Young, BeyondCurious
Sunday, 22 October, 9:00–12:00, Béton Grilli
20 participants, fee: $75

Agile is taking the business world by storm, requiring teams—including ethnographic researchers—to rethink how we communicate, plan, and act. This tutorial will give you the concepts, terminology, and tools you need to dive into an Agile environment or introduce it to your team.


Fundamentals of Observational Research

Instructor: Mike Youngblood, Youngblood Group
Sunday, 22 October, 9:00–12:00, Demers Beaulne
20 participants, fee: $75

Get a solid foundation in the art of observation as a field research method for human-centered design and innovation—and an effective toolkit for training team members or stakeholders. You’ll explore four key techniques and practice using them on the streets of Montréal.


Getting Started with Sensor Data

Instructor: Dawn Nafus, Intel
Sunday, 22 October, 9:00–12:00, Rona
20 participants, fee: $75

Electronic monitors offer exciting new possibilities for ethnographers, but getting started can be daunting. In this tutorial you’ll learn how to assess the value and feasibility of sensors for your research project, choose and use devices, wrangle and reflect on data with research participants, handle epistemological and ethical challenges, and more.


Immersive Perspectives: Virtual Reality & Ethnographic Research

Instructors: Karl Mendonca, Amazon & Adele Ray, Berkeley City College
Sunday, 22 October, 9:00–12:00, Cogeco
14 participants, fee: $200

This is your opportunity to get your hands on some VR equipment, learn VR-based research methodologies, practice production and editing techniques, and develop a critical understanding of VR and what it contributes to your ethnographic research.


Ethnographic Research Design

Instructor: Sam Ladner, Amazon
Sunday, 22 October, 12–2:00, Dutailier International
20 participants, fee: $75

Ethnographers in business often work with a broad range of qualitative and quantitative methods. How do we choose the right tools for a project? What makes any given method ethnographic? Learn how to zero in on the right method for the right research question.


Human Sciences and Value Creation:
Building Transformative Value Propositions

Instructor: Johannes Suikkanen, Gemic
Sunday, 22 October, 12:30–2:00, Rona
20 participants, fee: $75

Where can we find new sources of meaningful value in a heavily competed industry? How can we build more compelling value propositions? Learn new ways to understand value and answer these foundational business questions.


Visualization Principles for Talking Less & Communicating More

Instructor: Robert Zolna, University of Illinois at Chicago
Sunday, 22 October, 12:30–2:00, Demers Beaulne
20 participants, fee: $75

This tutorial will give you a foundational understanding of design techniques for creating clear and impactful research stimulus and reporting, as well as build empathy with your designers and design teams.


Analysis in Human-Centered Design

Instructor: Carey Palmer & JoEllen Kames, Northern Trust
Sunday, 22 October, 12:30–2:00, Béton Grilli
2o participants, fee: $75

Learn a framework for analysis in human-centered design that includes four key methods for practicing analysis. The framework also serves as a mechanism to help stakeholders understand outputs and enables them to evaluate findings as a part of the big picture, not just ingest “the answer.”