Montréal, Canada • October 22-25
HEC Montréal

Looking for Perspectives in Montréal!

EPIC2017 Perspectives explores the impact of vantage points in ethnographic work and will urge us to consider other sight lines in the construction of our practices. As the premier international organization advancing ethnography in the business world, the EPIC community is increasingly diverse – in representation, interests, and goals. We are social scientists, designers, marketers, journalists, engineers, planners; innovators, analysts, managers; consultants, employees; private, public or somewhere in between. We are pathmakers and bushwackers. EPIC2017 enlists our multiple perspectives to advance ethnographic excellence.

Vantage points both inform and constrain. What comes of widening or narrowing scope? Acknowledging our own footfalls? Shifting positions? Finding muses elsewhere? Integrating traditions from other fields? Forming hybridities? Subverting norms? Our explorations will be deep, serious, humorous, intellectual, somatic, creative, practical, and symbolic.

Montréal is a particularly good place for examining the impact of perspectives. Its identity has shifted with time (the influences of First Nations, France and Britain) and its history is an ongoing source of hybridity. Québec itself is seen distinctly from ROC (Rest of Canada) yet, versus Québec Province, the city of Montréal transgresses boundaries. It is overwhelmingly hybrid in language practices so, depending on where you are standing and with whom you are speaking, your sight lines will shift. Traditionally the commercial and political center of Canada (well until Toronto took over), Montréal is a world class city, whose 375th Anniversary will be celebrated in 2017. Join us!