Montréal, Canada • October 22-25
HEC Montréal

Papers advance our field and expand our community’s knowledge base of contexts and offers, reflect constructively on theoretical concerns, and/or present methodological advances. They are original works selected through a double-blind peer review process and tightly curated by the Papers Committee.

Making Culture Visible

Monday, 23 October, 10:45–12:15, Amphitheâtre
Curators: Jamie Sherman (Intel) & Tiffany Romain (Turnitin)

To Have and Have Not: Exploring Grammars of Sharing in the Context of Urban Mobility
Anna Zavyalova • Stripe Partners

Surveillance, Technology, and American Conceptions of Freedom
Michael Griffin • Amazon

From the Mixed-Up-Files of A 21st-Century Librarian: Scales of Power, Conceptions of Democracy, and the Public Library
Alannah Berson • University of Chicago

Seeing and Being Agents of Hope: Human-Centered Designers, Transportation Planning, and Drip Irrigation Kits
Emilie Hitch • University of Minnesota

Autonomous Individuals in Autonomous Vehicles: Perspectives on the Multiple Autonomies of Self-Driving Cars
Erik Stayton, Melissa Cefkin & Jingyi Zhang • Nissan Research Center

Shifting the Discipline

Tuesday, 24 October, 8:30-10:15, Amphitheâtre
Curators: Julia Haines (Google) & Michael Powell (Shook Kelley)

Situated: Reconsidering Context in the Creation and Interpretation of Design Fictions
Marta Cuciurean-Zapan • IDEO

TRACES: Towards Multi-Dimensional Ethnography
Julia Haines • Google

Five Steps Behind: The Role for Ethnography in Bringing People Back to the First Steps of the Value Chain
Martin Millard & Yosha Gargeya • ReD Associates

Ethnographic Tools: From Insight to Intervention
Wafa Said Mosleh • Southern Denmark University

Mixed Method Approach for Identifying Emerging Fields and Building Collaborative Teams: Leveraging Network Ethnography to Design Experimental Interventions
Therese Kennelly Okraku, Valerio Leone Sciabolazza, Raffaele Vacca & Christopher McCarty • University of Florida

Consumer Finance in a Mobile Age: Methods for Researching Changing User Behaviour
Erin Taylor • Canela Consulting

Vantage Points

Wednesday, 25 October, 9–10:45, Amphitheâtre
Curators: Martin Ortlieb & Elizabeth Anderson-Kempe (Amazon)

When ‘The Emperor Has No Clothes’: Performance, Complicity, and Legitimacy in Corporate Attempts at Innovation
Josh Kaplan

The View from the Studio: Perspectives on Design Ethnography Through the Lens of Organizational Culture
AnneMarie Dorland • University of Calgary

The Ethnographer’s Spyglass: Insights and Distortions from Remote Usability Testing
Christopher Golias • American Eagle Outfitters

The Object of Research: Considering Material Engagement Theory and Ethnographic Method
Jonathan Bean • Bucknell University School of Management, Bernardo Figueiredo • RMIT University & Hanne P. Larsen • Copenhagen Business School

Doing Good is Hard: Ethics, Activism, and Social Impact Design as Seen from the Grassroots Perspective
Jeffrey Greger • San Jose State University