Montréal, Canada • October 22-25
HEC Montréal

Case studies are real-world examples for practitioners, academics, or students of how ethnographic approaches are used to address a specific product, service, project, or organizational issue. An EPIC case study emphasizes how ethnography informed a challenge in a concrete business, not-for-profit, or social context, demonstrating how ethnographic methods made an impact on client objectives, while complementing other methods-of-knowing, such as quantitative modeling, big data, test markets, etc. 

Perspectives on Organizational Culture

Curator: Ryoko Imai (Hitachi)
Tuesday, 24 October, 1:30-2:20, Amphitheâtre

“Delivering the Secret Sauce”: Culture and Identity in a Corporate Merger
Barry Dornfeld • CFAR Consulting

No One Reason for It: Workforce Diversity, Cultural Complexity, and Staff Retention at BMW MINI
Fiona Moore • Royal Holloway University of London

Bringing Attention to Problem Solving and Meaningfulness at Work: How Ethnography Can Help Answer Difficult Business Questions
Carole Charland & Karen Hofman • Sapiens Strategies Inc.

Narrative & Perspective Shifts

Curator: Eric Arnould (Aalto University)
Tuesday, 24 October, 2:25-3:15, Amphitheâtre

It’s not Just Childs’ Play: Changing Corporate Narratives through Ethnography
Anne McClard • Intel Corporation & Therese Dugan • Facebook

Changing the Perspective of Government
Emma Saunders, MaiLynn Stormon-Trinh & Stephani Buckland • Empathy

The Inhuman Condition: How Research Unlocked New Perspectives on Psoriasis and Began to Change How It’s Understood and Treated
Sarah Kelleher • Truth Consulting

New Ventures & New Markets

Curator: Maryann McCabe (Cultural Connections)
Wednesday, 25 October, 9:00–9:50, Banque de dév. du Canada

Imagining a Gym for the Spirit, Mind, and Body for the 21st Century
Alejandro Jinich • Gemic

Outside the Bubble: How a Coastal Technology Company Built Empathy for Its Small Business Owner Customers in America’s Heartland
Katherine Lee • Square Inc.

Creating a Creators’ Market: How Ethnography Gave Intel a New Perspective on Digital Content Creators
ken anderson • Intel Corporation, Susan Faulkner • Intel Corporation, Lisa Kleinman • LogMeIn, Inc & Jamie Sherman • Intel Corporation

Digital Perspectives

Curator: Joshua Dresner (Claro Partners)
Wednesday, 25 October, 9:55–10:45, Banque de dév. du Canada

“Thinking Outside the Camp”: Education Solutions for Syrian Refugees in Jordan
Sarah LeBaron von Baeyer • ReD Associates

The Lifecycle of a Washing Machine: Transforming The Customer Experience For A Home Appliance Manufacturer
Beth Kelley & Jennifer Buchanan • Deloitte Digital